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The Lancaster Marimba Ensemble's repertoire represents a potpourri of musical style found through the world. While some audiences associate the marimba with Hispanic music, due largely to the popularity of the instrument in Mexico and Honduras, the instrument is as versatile as any keyboard, embracing Mozart and the European classics as well. The traditional music of the altiplano (the high plains region of the Andes Mountains), sometimes called Andean Band Music, is also ideally suited to the marimba ensemble. 

A true test of an instrument’s ability to project artistry is contrapuntal music, and the fugues of Bach and other polyphonic music figure prominently in the repertoire. The Lancaster Marimba Ensemble’s unique arrangements of spiritual music focus on the marimba’s unique organ-like quality.

Current selections include (*click underlined songs for a short preview):


Allegro Caprice

Andean Refrains

Amparita Roca 

Ave Maria 



Charleston Capers

Dueling Marimbas

Finale from Quartet in F Major 

Fly Me to the Moon

Fugue in C Minor 


Little Fugue G Minor 

Prelude No. 1 

Rondo from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik


Trio Sonata 

Stars and Stripes Forever

Suite Gothique


The Ragtime Robin

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