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The Lancaster Marimba Ensemble

The Lancaster Marimba Ensemble continues a rich tradition of marimba performance with the beauty and warmth of the wooden bar, coupled with varied and interesting repertoire and the fascinating history of the instrument.


The warmth of a marimba ensemble sound is achieved through meticulous tuning, the careful manner in which the bar is struck, and the instrument’s brass resonators. Sometimes called the “wooden organ,” several marimbas continuously struck in a sensitive manner at the same time can keep the air in the resonator pipes consistently vibrating, transforming the percussion into an organ-like wind instrument. The most fundamental task is to create a stroke that elicits beauty and warmth, for with these attributes the musician can deliver a wide range of styles, techniques and emotions. The expression of this magnificent instrument ranges from long-breathed melodies to rhythmic staccato, from fascinatingly complex four mallet textures to virtuosic rapid two mallet passage work, but the main attraction remains an innocent, direct love of the sound.

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